BC  Food
Protection  Association 

Executive Board and Committees:


President: Stephanie Nadya president@bcfpa.net 

Vice President: Justin Falardeau vicepresident@bcfpa.net 

Past President: Alex Montgomery pastpresident@bcfpa.net   

Program and Special Events Committee, Chair: Simon Cowell & Neda Rahimi events@bcfpa.net 

Secretary: Yaxi Hu secretary@bcfpa.net

Treasurer / Finance Committee, Chair: Peter Taylor treasurer@bcfpa.net

Nominations Committee, Chair / Sustaining Member Coordinator: vacant

Awards and Scholarship Committee, Chair: Justin Falardeau vicepresident@bcfpa.net

Memberships, Chair: Simon Cowell (Regular Members) members@bcfpa.net & Peter Taylor (Sustaining Members)

Bylaws and Resolutions, Chair: vacant

Communications Committee, Chair / Newsletter Editor : Stephanie Chiu publicrelationscommittee@bcfpa.net and newsletter@bcfpa.net

IAFP Affiliate Council Delegate: Siyun Wang affiliatecouncildelegate@bcfpa.net

Student Professional Development Group Coordinator (SPDG): Yaxi Hu studentgroup@bcfpa.net

UBC Student Representative:
Lu Han

BCIT Student Representative:
Michael Wu BCIT-BCFPA@bcfpa.net

Email: publicrelationscommittee@bcfpa.net

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